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Those oh-so-helpful folks at All Over Albany shared that a bunch of videos are available from the recent TEDxAlbany event. I’m excited to check these local ones out, because I love me some TED Talks.

Speaking of things I love, I also love Girl Power Books, so I was excited when Lisa Belkin over at Motherlode kicked off what she calls “the start of a list of books for young girls that turn more than a few stereotypes on their heads while remaining fun reads.” Lucky for us, plenty of folks continued the list in the comments. I’m going to have to take notes for my next trip to the library.

Finally, tonight we were walking around downtown Schenectady and there were folks from the new Paul Mitchell school were creating a nutty-artistic hairdo in honor of Art Night. I’m still regretting that I didn’t pull out the camera and get a picture for the blog. Anyway, if anyone’s feeling adventurous, you can get super-cheap services (like $10 for a manicure or $12 for a hair cut) by students there. I’d be interested to see how it goes.

Have I mentioned that I’m sort of phobic about getting my hair cut? Well, that’s not the right word. I guess I just don’t really love staring at my wet-headed self in a big mirror while wearing a gigantic hairdresser’s smock in unflattering lighting while making polite chitchat with a near-stranger. Each new person “discovers” the single wave in my otherwise straight hair and announces it to me with the fervor of Ponce de Leon announcing that the fountain of youth is right there! Which gets old. Plus I always feel like the person doing my hair is disappointed in my lack of devotion to the care and upkeep of my hair. Which, of course, is silly. It’s not like it’s my job or anything, right?


  1. Thanks, Deb. I finally found a stylist that I liked enough to visit more than once a year and she’s moving, so I’m officially on the lookout again, I guess.

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