A Collection of Random Links and One Random Photo

First, a collection of links for you.

Here’s an All Over Albany post with comments recommending local pediatricians.

I thought that if I said I was an organ donor on my driver’s license, that was enough. Wrong apparently. But you can fill out a form online.

I just thought this Motherhood Uncensored post was funny.

Hey, I didn’t know that you could get a 2 for 1 Saratoga Museum Pass.  That’s awesome.

Here’s a list of Top 8 Sites for Halloween Costume Ideas that I learned about on Twitter from @LifeScoop.

And now for a random photo. The girls were laughing uproariously in the basement. They ran upstairs and called, “Mom! MOM!” More running, some panting. “We managed to make a Barbie look almost like a real person!” They presented me with a very normal-looking Barbie.

“Look!” M exclaimed. “You could totally see someone wear something like this in real life!”

“Yeah!” J gushed. “She’s so casual! Don’t you love it!?!”

M: “She looks great, except that her boobs are still too big and her feet are teensy, teensy.”

J: “But at least she’s not wearing those skinny heels. Do you think that we could find those–what are they called? Loafers?”

M: “YES!” They squealed, grabbed Barbie, and rushed back downstairs.






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