Gearing Up for the Holidays

We’ve had a low-key weekend. I had a (desperately-needed) girls’ night out on Friday. Today we lounged, and our only outing was to M’s soccer game. This was her third game with this team, and each game they’ve gotten their butts’ kicked, but slightly less than last time. Today’s loss of 5 to 1 felt like a wild success, especially since we had no subs while the opposing team was able to replace their whole line-up, and M’s team even played one girl down for the second half after an injury. The “1” was their first goal of the season, scored by M! Yay. J’s been fine–perky and not too itchy.

Even though I refuse to allow my children to listen to the Christmas carol station in the car, I figured that some of you might be getting into holiday mode, so I created a page of some of my holiday posts on finding a Christmas tree, holiday lights, crafts, foods, and other fun. If you’re looking for it again, the link will be on the right through the end of the year.


  1. Christine

    Yeah, Christmas music already! My brains just about squirted out of my ears when the station that I usually listen to started doing “all Christmas music – all the time” before Veterans Day! Can’t we just do one holiday at a time?

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