Fun in the Capital District This Week

Happy Halloween, everybody! We ended up skipping out on an after school Halloween party because the girls were freakishly tired. Instead, they stayed home and practiced piano/cello and then vegged out in front of the tv. By early evening the prospect of candy re-invigorated them. Just as we were going out, M asked for eye … [Read more…]

Grown-up Date!

It’s been a little insane this weekend. Last night J had a friend over and M was at a sleepover. This morning M had a soccer game, and I knew it would be unbelievably cold, so I scheduled a make-up gymnastics class for J, so we had a good excuse to miss soccer. Between the … [Read more…]

Halloween Fun in the Capital District

 Snow? SNOW!?! Are you freakin’ kidding me? I am so not ready for this. Okay, plenty going on this weekend. Almost all of it Halloween-y. In fact, I just went ahead and went through Monday so we’d have it all in one place.  If there’s something I didn’t catch, please feel free to add it into … [Read more…]

Home at Last!

Alright, the truth is that we’ve been home almost two days already, but I’m finally “home” to the blog. Disney World was super fun and unbelievably exhausting. On our last night, children and adults were both practically nodding off into our dinners, and while the rest of our relatives left first thing in the morning, … [Read more…]