Harvest Festival at The Farmers’ Museum, Crailo, and the Crossings, LarkFEST, Nature Fest at Moreau, Fall Festival at Five Rivers, and More This Weekend

Man, oh, man, I hope that you’re as psyched up about the harvest and the splendors of nature in the fall as everybody else apparently is, because we are pretty much knee-deep in festivals here in the beautiful Capital District. You can get historic or Celtic or artsy or possibly drunk, depending on where your … [Read more…]

Serenity Now

Cute W left for a business trip that will keep him away from us until Friday, so I’m going to go easy on myself tonight and do one of my favorite things: update a brand-new calendar! You might think, considering that I blog and work for a website, that I’d be all tech-savvy and linked … [Read more…]

This Week

Today as I was putting J to bed and saying something sensible like, “It’s awfully late, so I think that you should just turn off your light and go to sleep,” J sighed. Exasperated. And said, “Oh, Mom! You’re so . . . mom-ish.” Well, yeah. It’s another somewhat slow week, I’ve gotta say. Everyone’s … [Read more…]

Fun-filled Saturday

Even though we were out a bit late last night with a practice-pizza-playground outing, we kicked off the day early with our first soccer game of the season, and everyone played and got along well. The soccer fields are also the community social hub on Saturday morning, so it was fun connecting with people. M … [Read more…]


I got my hair cut today. I’m not a terribly hair-focused person. In fact, I’ve been following the same routine for about the last 20 years. First, I wait at least 12 months between haircuts, which means that I’ve never had a “very special bond” with a stylist. For me, going to a hair salon … [Read more…]

What We’re Reading

The girls arrived home from their first day of school with Scholastic packets from the teachers and new book recommendations from their classmates. M is dying to read Magyk by Angie Sage, the first book in a series that a friend raved about. I appreciated her enthusiasm, but part of me wishes she didn’t want … [Read more…]

End of Summer, Beginning of a New Week

How about that for a gorgeous final weekend of summer? Even though my children and I are all driving each other crazy and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine, the sunshine and fun we had this weekend make the end of summer so bittersweet. We went to our town pool for its … [Read more…]