Impending Snow

I’m not taking this snow forecast very well. I know, I know, I’m the one who’s always talking about how we all need to Embrace Winter. And I do think that, on a purely intellectual level. Two winters ago was our best winter ever because we spent so much time ice skating an skiing and even snowshoeing, which was a new one for me. And I feel like last year and this year, I’ve tried in vain to recapture the splendor of that feeling, when I was slightly sad to see winter go.

You know what? That’s a lie. Even though I remember 2010-2011 as an excellent family winter for us, I just checked this time two years ago, and it turns out that I was sick and tired of Winter and lecturing it sternly that enough was enough on March 7th. So whatever. I’m done. I should live somewhere where it’s stop being cold by the beginning of March. Cute W is always going on and on about how he loves the seasons. La, la, lah. . . . he loves the seasons, isn’t it so wonderful to have seasons? Phooey on that. I can love any season for two to three months, but here in Upstate New York, winter always overstays its welcome.

I want to do a hopping walk, barefoot, on hot concrete. I want to surprise my sweaty children with big wedges of watermelon. I want produce instead of lotions and prepared dips at the farmers’ market. I want to open all the windows in my house and leave the door to the screened porch shut so that the cat can go inside and out without human door opening. I want to see my bulbs come up.

I’m sorry to whine. And as you know, I can even complain about spring.

I just got home from the grocery store, where I purchased two bottles of vitamin D and some frozen mangoes. I’m going to drag the Easter decorations out and start mapping out the summer camp situation for the girls. The perk of trying to plan for Easter, spring break, and summer is that it makes you start feeling like the calendar is hurtling toward you at break-neck speed.  The warm weather will be here before we know it. Right? Please?

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