Lazy Links

We spent the last few days at Jiminy Peak, and now I’m not feeling well. But I’ve been such a slacker that I had to offer up something, right? Luckily, I keep a running list of links to share.

PBS Newshour offers up fourteen books that you could read in the time it takes to watch the Super Bowl. I think that we probably would have enjoyed any of these more. Seriously, I am also not a Bruno Mars fan, and I didn’t even find the commercials entertaining this year. Cute W’s over it, by the way. As a longtime Broncos fan, he’s been through worse Super Bowls.

Speaking of books, here’s a list of sites to download free books.

Life in Pleasantville offers up education apps for middle schoolers.

 The Online Mom has best apps for staying in shape.

CNN’s got the latest list of Newbery, Caldecott, and other book winners.

Bitch Magazine shared librarians’ picks for top feminist books for kids in the past year.

Okay, seriously, that’s all I’ve got. Last night I was a teeth-chattering feverish mess, and today I’ve mostly slept and nibbled saltines, only rousing myself  long enough to make my children miserable because I don’t have the energy to be patient when they push each other’s buttons with wild abandon. Really annoying, because now in addition to feeling crappy, I feel crappy about myself. Hope everyone else had more fun for their snow day than I did!




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