Taylor Mali

I’m super-excited because once again Taylor Mali will be appearing at our church, the First Unitarian Society of Schenectady, on Thursday, November 8th at 8 pm. I’ll be reminding you about this later with the listings, but I wanted to give him an early plug, because I went when he performed here last year, and it … [Read more…]

Middle School (Warning: Rant)

I am currently working myself into a lather (yes, I mean it, picture a horse in a stall, rearing, mouth foaming, sweat-soaked haunches) about a meeting tonight discussing possible changes to our kids’ middle school. I do this all the time. I say, “Well, I sort of think this, but it’s not that big a … [Read more…]

Yogurt and Blood

Hey! Look what moved into the ShopRite plaza in Niskayuna. I worked at TCBY for one of my high school jobs. They told me that I’d get sick of eating there, but I never did. If I got bored with yogurt, there were waffle cones. . . or candy toppings. . . or wet walnuts. … [Read more…]

Where’s Waldo?

Both The Open Door Bookstore in Schenectady and Market Block Books in Troy are doing special Where’s Waldo activities in July. You and your child can hunt for 20 Waldos scattered among local businesses, find Waldo, and win prizes. Hooray for shopping local and making it fun for the kiddos. The Open Door Bookstore also … [Read more…]

I Get Gnarly

We met friends in Hershey, PA on Thursday and spent all day Friday at Hershey Park, then made the drive home after a full day of playing. I’ll have a detailed review of the park over on KidsOutAndAbout.com soon. But for now, some random, non-park-related observations. First, as we began our long drive home, I … [Read more…]

Niska-Day Photos

With getting sick, I forgot all about my Niska-Day photos. We had the debut of an actual float this year, courtesy of Price Chopper. The crowd cheered for Cookie Monster, and Cute W also cheered for Price Chopper, yelling, “Where’s Shop-Rite now, huh? Where’s their float!?!” We happily accepted Shop-Rite water bottles later. And who … [Read more…]

New-Fangled, Old-Fashioned Holidays

Tomorrow is special, with two holidays manufactured to bring back the good ol’ days. First, it’s Take Our Children to the Park. . . And Leave Them There Day, brought to you by Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids. If you’d like to participate, I know where you can find a great list of playgrounds. … [Read more…]

Schenectady Food Swap

Tonight was the first Schenectady Food Swap. You might remember that I was excited to hear that  my church in is the newest location for food swaps with the From Scratch Club.  When I mentioned it the other day, I said that I was “both intrigued and intimidated.” Luckily, they planned for people like me … [Read more…]

Cartoon Women and Our Media Diet

I’m fed up with distorted images of women and girls. Recently the websites I frequent kept assaulting me with pictures of a mother who’d made some questionable choices. It doesn’t matter which mother, because these news stories are all the same. Just another mother who does something extreme, which becomes sensationalized, it seems, entirely so … [Read more…]