So, my cute husband keeps posting all of my blog posts to Facebook.  Which is sweet, but I was starting to get a little embarrassed, and I said, basically, do you have to?   Then he started teasing me, complete with fluttery, effeminate gestures of indecision and distress:  “Oh, I want people to read it!  No, I don’t!  Maybe I do. . . .”   I got annoyed with him.  I said,  “Don’t you feel like they know about it already?  They must be sick of hearing about this blog.  I don’t want to make all of our friends crazy.”  He stood firm.

The next day, one of our friends and neighbors said, “W, thanks for posting that link! I hadn’t seen the blog.”

Fine.  He wins.  And I’ve capitulated entirely now:  you can become a fan on Facebook.  It’s good especially if you don’t do any other kind of RSS feed, because whenever I put a new post on the blog, I’ll update it and it will show up on your Facebook Home page.  Except this post.  Because, you know, anyone who’s already my fan doesn’t need to learn about it again.  I don’t want to drive them crazy.

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