Two Quick Updates: February Break & Snow

I’m getting the sense that people are starting to feel a little bit antsy about exactly what the heck they’re doing for February break, so I’m going to try to publish a list on that a little earlier than I’d originally planned–I’ll probably just try to compile the weekend events and the week events at the same time.  I promise–there’s plenty.

Also, hooray!  We’re finally getting some snow around here!   For those of you who are new or sporadic readers, now’s a good day to check out some old posts–one’s on Sledding and the other’s on Snow Ice Cream.  Because what kid doesn’t like to eat snow?  If you do go and look, please add comments if you’ve got some more snow hill suggestions!  I slapped that post together and haven’t added much to it because we’ve been relatively snow-free, so if you’ve got more places or strong opinions on the places listed, we’d love to hear them.

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