Last Week in February

We ended up going to Cella Bistro last night.  Mmmmmm. . . wild mushroom salad.  Super tasty.  Today was the first day that I really felt like spring was around the corner.  The girls must have spent 2 hours playing in the backyard.

Cute husband’s working for the rest of the day (on a Sunday!  I know!), so I’ve barely scraped this post together–alas, no witty prose for you.  There are also a few different fun theater events coming up, so I’ll be posting about them sometime this week.   I also noticed, while I was poking around and looking for fun for you, that Tumbling Tykes is offering classes for the toddler/early preschool set in Clifton Park in March.

Meanwhile, here’s what else is going on:

Monday, February 22nd

Tuesday, February 23rd

Wednesday, February 24th

Thursday, February 25th

Friday, February 26th

Know about some other fun going on in the Capital District?  We’d all love to hear about it.


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