Snow Pants Song, and Bill Cosby

The girls are outside playing in the snow.  I was just singing a song to them as they got ready.  It goes like this:

Snow pants!
You keep my buttocks dry!
Snow pants!
I simply don’t know why
Anyone would want to go
Out there in the snow
Without. . .
[here you begin the song again and continue to repeat until one of your children says, “Mommy, could you please stop singing?” It has an actual tune, too, but I don’t know how to write music–sorry.]

I’ve been grouchy and feeling a little sick all day.  Which is why I haven’t gotten around to posting.  I was pretty irritated, actually, that neither of the girls’ early morning activities were canceled because I hate to drive in the snow.  Of course it’s subsided into wimpy rain-snow, so even I can handle that.

A week from today, we’re going to see Bill Cosby at Proctors–yay!   I advised this as a Christmas present for my cute husband, who’s gained a new appreciation for his old stand-up since having kids.  Enough so that when I told M whom we were seeing, I could just explain: you know, the chocolate cake guy.

And, really,  I am going to go to Fleet Feet tomorrow–you can go without an rsvp or registration or anything.

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