Hey, I realized that I’ve done more than 100 posts now!  Yay, me.

Actually, I’ve been a little bit bummed because after steadily climbing in readership for a while, I’ve leveled off in the last couple of weeks.  It’s true that I haven’t been very good about passing around those cute cards, which would help, I’m sure, but I’m still feeling a little discouraged.  Anyway, I was thinking that I should do a little feedback survey, and then when I started to create one, it was just waaaay too boring.  But I am, you know, interested.

Oh, man.  So I just tried another tack, which fortunately for you, has been deleted.  But there is just no way to ask various questions–[imagine this in a whiney voice:] “what do you like?  what should I do?–without just sounding super emotionally needy and self-absorbed.  Speaking of which, I absolutely did not connect that baby to Lindsay Lohan.  I mean, I’ll admit that I’m not particularly in touch with pop culture, but really?  I don’t know if it’s unbelievable egomania (“It’s all about me”) or pathetic self-esteem (“A  cheating substance abuser=me”) or a tragic combination of the two.  No, actually, I’m going to have to go with tragic combo.

Wow.  So now that I’ve released the icky feelings of my own insecurities by heaping abuse onto the bony shoulders of Lindsay Lohan, I was just kind of, umm, wondering. . . is it the info?  the patter?  the rants?  Do you want lots of details about stuff I’ve done or more lists of things that we could all do?  Do you want more stuff on teensy babies or older kids?   Does hearing about my petty humiliations and failures make you feel like a cool, successful parent (thank you, Supernanny!), or does it just make you feel . . . uncomfortable?

Just wondering. . . .


  1. I like what you’ve done so far… I’m always looking for Rens. Co activities & places, but I know there’s just less to do over on this side of the river! I’m often reading in my google reader on my iPod touch so I can’t comment and then I never remember by the time I get to a computer again. But I appreciate all your hard work and I’ve told my mom’s group about it too!

  2. Thanks very much, Jen. If you know of Rens. Co. places that you think I might not know about, tell me and I can get on their email lists, which helps.

  3. Mari

    Katie-Love your site. Not to sound creepy but I actually made it my home page so I wouldn’t forget to check it frequently. (Otherwise it’s so easy to lose a great site-at least for me.) We’ve tried a few things on your site—Little House on the Prairie–I liked it but 4 1/2 year old prefers Sponge Bob. (Drat-was hoping she could learn some manners.) We also went to Proctors for a show you listed. (Hey maybe you should call Proctors etc for some sponsorship!) Love your personal musings. My only wish would be a little more Bethlehem events. Anyway—Thanks for being here-you are appreciated!

  4. Mari—Not creepy–flattering. If you know places in Bethlehem that I should know about/keep track of, that would be great to hear, but either way, it’s helpful to know about locations.

    Ken—apparently she’s just more with-it than you, me, and the guy on WAMC. But you probably already knew that.

    At first I was hearing crickets chirping over this whiny post, but later it yielded 2 “pity emails” that said nice things to me as well as a 20% bump in readership the next day (I know! wierd, right?), so I’m not regretting it as much as I was 24 hours ago.

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