Didja Hear? New Mexican Restaurant in Schenectady!

The TU’s Table Hopping Blog reports that a Mexican Radio is coming to Schenectady! Yeah, baby!

Now, does this mean that I will forsake Bombers and their glorious lemon pepper-garlic wings and ginormous margaritas?  Oh, no.  And yet, will I appreciate a downtown option for my young girls in which the main decorating motif is not pin-up girls humping missiles?  Well, yes.

Ah, Chipotle with your deliciousness and kindly-raised meat, Hot Harry’s with your delightful salsa-and-cowboy-beans selection, El Loco with your lovely patio garden, El Mariachi with your authentic Mexican yumminess like my beloved Pollo San Marco. . . . I love you all.  Choosing just one would be like choosing only one of my children–each with your unique, delightful you-ness.

Bring it on!


  1. This is awesome. Great for Schenectady. Great for us. I had some great, Margarita-fueled fun at the Cleveland Place outpost. I can’t wait. Hooray!

  2. HollowSquirrel

    You DID forget to mention Moe’s, which has a special place in my heart and stomach flab.

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