Slidin’ into the Weekend

As you know, I had an off day yesterday.   Really, I generally put together my weekend list, and then I feel pretty good, because as I hear about events from various sources, I can put them into two categories:  1) not family friendly or cheap or fun enough to be considered “fun” by me, or 2) already on my list.

Alas, today’s All Over Albany weekend post kicked my ass.  Oh, sure.  You can try to make me feel better, tell me about how they’re actual journalists who do this as their real job with income and you know, tons of readers, or remind me that they probably were not listening to play-act whining and jumping up from the computer to practice cartwheels and handstands or provide snacks like I was.   But, it still made me feel like a pathetic slacker.  So, I added various updates to the weekend post, and you should check it out again to make sure that you don’t miss anything good.

Here’s what we’ve been doing this afternoon:  water sliding!

Action shot: M loses the boogie board.

M chose this (with a gift card from Grandma) to be the centerpiece of her gala upcoming birthday party, so today we took it for a test run.  It was $25 at Target.  The girls loved it.  I think that I’m going to try to keep put it away until the party to keep it intact.

Okay.  M, who’s never shown any interest in the blog in the past, just came up over my shoulder and read “ass”, then announced triumphantly to her sister, “Mommy wrote a bad word!”  Awesome.  Speaking of body parts, J referred to the lower feminine region today as “vajulva”.  Thus ensued twenty minutes crouched on the floor discussing anatomy, elimination, and reproduction.  You know, I bet nobody from All Over Albany did that today, either!


  1. Michelle

    Awesome. Just awesome. Seriously – almost choked on my water when I got to your “vajulva” story.
    Oh man. That was a much needed giggle! 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Mari

    Much prefer yours to All Over Albany (with apologies to them.)
    By the way, looking for someplace to bring the girl to eat tonight that could handle potential tantrum and yours was first site I checked. Found birthday entertainment (Domino the Great) on your site too. Thanks!

  3. Yeah, I might have to start using vajulva. And Mari, that is sweet, but then I started thinking about how I’ve barely covered restaurants at all, even though I’ve been meaning to do a kids eat free post and an ethnic buffet post. And how was Domino the Great? Hoping. . . great?

  4. Mari

    Would love a restaurant post! And I’ll let you know about Mr. Domino–scheduled for next month.

  5. John

    Ahh, what sad times indeed, when bloggers start indiscriminately throwing around words such as vajulva.

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