Post o’ Triumph

For those of you who’ve been wondering how our weekend was, I’ll update you with my first-ever blog post chock full of triumph.

Triumph #1: The ice cream cake turned out pretty well.

M’s “Pool” Birthday Cake

It was touch and go for a bit when I lost track of time and whipped the cream too much.  This, coupled with my fear of over-coloring led to some gloppy, murky pool water. Luckily I had extra cream, so I made another batch and just threw it on top.  Because, really, was anyone going to complain that there was too much whipped cream?

Polly Pocket fits cozily into a gummy Lifesaver.

Of course, at the very end, the girls wanted to spread the whipped cream and place all of the little props themselves, which didn’t go along with My Cake Vision. But I did an excellent job of restraining myself.  We had tremendously beautiful weather and the girls had a good time.  I was afraid that they’d get sick of slipping, sliding, and spraying each other with water, but they didn’t.  I could barely get them to stop long enough to eat cake.

Triumph #2:  I ran the entire way through my 5k.

It was quite warm, and I’d been very nervous because I’d hurt my calf a week earlier, so I’d only run once in the week prior to the race. Plus, I’ve been stopping to walk at about 2.7 or 2.8 miles pretty consistently, except on my extra-awesome days.  So I ran very, very slowly, because I did not want to stop or walk at all.  I made it.  Yay, me!  I basked in my success for about five minutes, and then by the time I’d located the bananas I started feeling irritated with myself that I hadn’t run the whole thing faster.  No, I’m not going to tell you my time–it was slow.  And yes, I realize that I should just be pleased.  I’m trying.

Triumph #3: I have almost 500 fans–oops, I mean people who “like” capitaldistrictfun–on Facebook!

I’m at 496, and this tends to go in little spurts. . . I’ll go weeks with very little change at all, or, even worse, I “lose” somebody, which is surprisingly depressing.  And it leads to all sorts of hand-wringing and teeth gnashing.  So I try not to look.  But then, when a couple of people join, of course, it’s contagious.  And I get to feel triumphant.  Woo, hoo!  Which reminds me, if you’re on Facebook and haven’t “liked” me yet, would you, please?  Then maybe your friends will see and they’ll find some fun, too.  And unicorns will prance through the Capital District, frolicking through rainbows with butterflies.  Well, not really, but it’s a lovely thought, right?

Triumph #4:  I found a bathing suit!

With a bit of photoshopping at the thighs, I think that I could almost look like a B-list 40s pin-up girl.  But you’ll have to take my word for it, because I will not be posting a photo.  I actually ran into a friend while I had a pile of suits over my arm, and she congratulated me on having the good sense to shop alone this time. The winning suit was located in Macy’s at Colonie Center.

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  1. That’s where I scored a suit last year. Something to be said for having oodles of styles to try on, including some you’d normally not consider style or price wise. Now off to make sure I’ve “liked” you on FB, and if not I will!

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