Collins Lake

The other day we met some friends at Collins Lake in Scotia.  Between visits, I forget just how pleasant it is.  The beach is open from noon to 7:45 pm, and if you go late like we did, it’s quiet and relaxing.  It’s $2/person with kids 5 and under (or maybe it was 6?) free.

M on dock with canoe in distance

Plenty of lifeguards, one long dock, and a beautiful view.   There’s a covered pavilion just outside the beach area, and the playground and bathrooms are a short walk away.  Don’t forget the sand toys.

A friend enjoys the water

We’d  made it a late visit partly so that some of our husbands could join us, so we walked over to Jumpin’ Jacks for dinner.   Tasty.  It was our first visit this summer, and I forgot that it actually stresses me out, a bit, to order at Jumpin’ Jacks.  Then when I went looking for my link I saw this list of etiquette rules on the Visit Scotia blog.  If you’ve never gone before, it’s excellent preparation, really.   You can also view the menu online:  please, may I recommend the twisters over the regular fries?

Anyway, we weren’t even paying attention and we happened to be there on a Tuesday night, which meant that it was crazy-busy for the water ski show.  Of course we had to stay.  The kids enjoyed it, and then my super-alert friend (who also provided these photos–thank you!)  realized that we should start walking to the ice cream (it’s soft ice cream; no hard) before the very end of the show, and it’s a good thing–that was a very long line.  Jumpin’ Jacks opens at 11 am, so if you really wanted to skip the lines, you could have an early lunch before the beach.

J and two little friends


  1. katie

    Considering in the picts the girls look wet, Im assuming the beach and lake have been cleaned up? I know a few years back is was really dirty. I actually live down the street from it, but always remember the stories of how not to swim in the lake!

  2. Well, the goose poop is gone. . . . It’s not bad at all. If you’re okay with lakes, it’s fine. If you really prefer pools, anyway, it’s not your cup of tea.

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