Packing, Linking

Cute W and the girls are leaving o-dark-early (as a friend in the reserves used to say) in the morning to visit Grandma & Grandpa in Kansas City.  I’ll stay home.  Alone.  And, no:  this doesn’t mean that we don’t all get along.  It’s just that plane tickets are expensive.  It was W’s idea, and who am I to say no to Serenity Time?

Anyway, I’ve been packing them up, and now it’s late, so I’m going to slob out and just pass along some local links to you. . .

On All Over Albany, they’ve recently had posts for people searching for Martial Arts classes as well as inquiries about Jiminy Peak’s Aerial Adventure.  So if either of these interest you, hop on over, and be sure to check out the various comments.  Meanwhile, on the TU’s Parent to Parent blog, there’s a post with comments on Hypno Birthing.

So, what will I do with all of this free time?  I’m going away over the weekend, which sort of destroys the Vast Splendor of Calendar Emptiness.  Ummm, I’m getting my hair cut and giving blood.  The tragic truth is that I’ll probably spend quite a bit of time cleaning and organizing the house.   If I come up with something fabulous, I’ll give you a report.  Meanwhile, after tomorrow’s airport run, at least I’ll get to sleep in!

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