First Weekend in October

It’s J’s birthday!  She turns 6 on October 1st.  Our schedules are so busy that the kid party isn’t until next weekend, but we’ll be up bright and early with her Special Birthday Breakfast (pancakes, sausage, strawberries) and some present opening.  I actually put all of the presents up high, high, high because we re-use … [Read more…]

Tell Me a Story

We’ve been pretty busy just getting the basic routine down around here.  J’s been lobbying hard to pull out the Halloween decorations, but I generally try to resist until October.  The official household rule is that I don’t pull out exciting holiday decorations until the entire house is beautifully clean.   It’s an excellent motivator.  When … [Read more…]

Treat Yourself and Others, Too

While I was reviewing the regularly scheduled events, I noticed that Explore in Glens Falls has a special program in September and October.  Adults enter free if they bring in 4 non-perishable food items in September or 4 sealed toilet items in a ziploc bag in October.   The usual adult admission is $3.95, so … [Read more…]

This Week

The offerings are a little bit paltry this week, I must admit.  The kick-off-the-school-year events have already happened, and it’s not quite time for spooky-Halloween-stuff or appreciate-the-fall-leaves.  So it’s quiet.  Halfway through working on the week’s events, I decided that I really just have to clean house and work on the What About TODAY? listing.  … [Read more…]

The Week’s Highlights at Our House

J has poison ivy.  Based on the pattern, our pediatrician speculated that she sat cross-legged on a patch, then switched it up by lying on her stomach for a little while.  At first I thought it must be bug bites again–I’ve never gotten poison ivy before (knocking on wood), so I had no idea. J … [Read more…]


Alright, I don’t know where the heck I’ve been all summer, but today I finally discovered that there’s a new indoor playground in East Greenbush called MiMi’s Kids Club.  Luckily for everyone involved, I figured it out mere hours before her gala make-your-own-sundaes Family Event tonight from 3-7 pm.   Who doesn’t enjoy some free ice … [Read more…]

Last Weekend of September Already!

Phew, you guys, I’m tired!  I have a cold which seems to be resisting even my beloved Theraflu, it was Back-to-School Night for the big girl, it’s our last night without Daddy, and I just realized that my Netflix chick flick is foreign-with-subtitles.  Which means I can’t multitask.   I’m just going to stop looking for … [Read more…]

Bettie’s Cakes

Guess where we went yesterday? The  Bettie’s Cakes double decker bus!  They were parked by the Schenectady Public Library. We were very excited, and rather overwhelmed by our choices.  We ended up getting (clockwise from top) Red Velvet, S’more, and Raspberry Lemonade.  The Red Velvet’s a menu regular, and the other two were flavors of … [Read more…]

Apple Orchards! Finally!

I know, I know, picking’s been going on for weeks already.  In my defense, I ran into a guy at the farmers’ market last week who claims that he refuses to eat an apple until the last of the tomatoes are gone.  Well, yeah, that’s just silly.  I’m completely willing to allow overlapping produce. Just … [Read more…]

Grocery Cart o’ Horror. . . .

It wasn’t the best day.  Just prior to bedtime, M couldn’t understand why J and I were so angry about how she’d just picked up a piece of J’s ceramic tea set and threw it up and down until it hit the ceiling and shattered.  Like, what’s the big deal?  Sorry. Prior to that, we … [Read more…]