Bettie’s Cakes

Guess where we went yesterday? The  Bettie’s Cakes double decker bus!  They were parked by the Schenectady Public Library.

Tragically, the tree blocks the view of the "Bettie" picture. But you get the idea.

We were very excited, and rather overwhelmed by our choices.  We ended up getting (clockwise from top) Red Velvet, S’more, and Raspberry Lemonade.  The Red Velvet’s a menu regular, and the other two were flavors of the day that the nice helper-lady recommended.


I know it’s not the best photo, and sweet W is reading this via long distance and grimacing–any good food close-ups you ever see on the blog are his.  Anyway, the cupcakes were regular-cupcake-sized, and we bought 4 and a bottle of water (forgot my reusable one) for $13.  They have bigger cupcakes, too, but this was the perfect size for us.  The girls couldn’t wait to climb upstairs and then. . .

Honestly, we were a little disappointed that it was so stark.  I think that we were all expecting it to be as adorable as the exterior and the cupcakes themselves.  I found myself wishing that I’d taken home those cute little fake potted flowers from my neighbors’ the other day, because I could have donated them to “cute it up” a little.  Or, you know, some freakin’ curtains or something.  Oh, well.   We turned the focus back on the cupcakes.

The S’more variety was everyone’s favorite.  The Red Velvet was yummy, too, and very moist.  We all agreed that the Raspberry Lemonade cupcake was just too sweet–and you know it’s got to be over-the-top if a 5-year-old girl thinks it’s too sweet, right?  What I liked best, though, is that each cupcake was quite distinctive and unique.  You know, you go to, say, Dunkin’ Donuts, and often it’s the same donut with different colored sprinkles and icings.  Or Carvel ice cream has the “whale of a dad” cake that’s the same mold as the “Santa Claus” cake (that’s bothered me since the 4th grade–anyone else?).   These cupcakes each had their own personality.  And yes, it did make me feel like in order to fully understand the products, I should sample several more.  However, I restrained myself.

If you want to get your hands on some cupcakes without schlepping up to Saratoga Springs, the easiest way is to check out their Facebook page, where they post updates on where you’ll find Dee Dee (the double-decker bus) or Cee Cee (a single-decker bus).

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