Hanging Around the House

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my kids are exhausted and more than ready for the weekend.

They spent the day sneaking over to our next-door neighbor’s house, where there was a yard sale.  You’ve heard already that the girls love a yard sale.   They were both outside in the rain at about 7:30 am, and they were back and forth multiple times.  I’d walk over periodically and ask if they were driving anyone crazy, and they’d stop at home periodically with yet another item.  The neighbors were very generous (perhaps a little too generous?), and the merchandise was better at that last sale, so the girls were sporting their newly acquired lovely scarves while they browsed.   Finally I had to put my foot down–absolutely no more.  No way.  No more.  Nuh-uh.

Which really, I knew, meant that they’d each pick one final, fabulous, must-have item.  For J, it was a beautiful sparkly blue skirt that she had decided would be the perfect fairy dress for a Halloween costume.  Truly, I’d like to keep it as is and wear it myself, but I believe that we’ll be cutting armholes in it somewhere.   In any case, it will be craftier and more unique that something I’d buy for $24 at Party City, so. . . . alright.  M arrived with a rolled-up woven straw mat and, frankly, I was mystified.  But she begged with such fervor that I let it go.  It was only at bedtime when I realized the attraction.  I climbed onto her bed to read to her, and she placed the mat on the carpet and lay down on it next to Kaya-the-American-Girl, who was in full bedtime splendor.   Ohhhh.  M’s new mat looks exactly like Kaya’s sleeping mat.

In other news, Pete from Afrim’s sent me an email to let folks know that the new Soccer Tots schedule is out.  I know lots of people who love soccer tots.  He also added another link to that soccer post in the comments.

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