Fall Classes

I’ve been receiving emails about fall classes, so I thought that I’d share a few:

Yoga with Cathy: this instructor has some serious groupies, and she’s got classes for pregnant moms, parents & teensy babies, toddlers, and more.

Music Box Arts: these Music Together class begin later in September, but there are free demo classes at a variety of locations beginning after Labor Day.

Union College: has learn-to-skate and hockey lessons.

So, what’s everybody doing this fall?  Both of my girls are doing Ginny Martin this year–J’s returning from last year, and M, apparently inspired by the recital, is giving it a try.  They’re also both doing soccer with the town, which is very exciting.  Prior to about a month ago, the girls were ho-hum about it, but W loves soccer, and he’s volunteered to coach both their teams.  Over the weekend we picked up cleats and shin guards (hoping that shiny new equipment would amp up the enthusiasm), and they’ve been kicking and bonding like crazy ever since.   Once soccer’s over, they’re switching to . ice skating at Union M’s also said that she’s interested in doing more Kidzart classes and J’s said that she’d like to learn to play the piano or the guitar or the tambourine. . . any suggestions there?

Do you have any favorite extracurricular activities to recommend to the rest of us?


  1. Wendy

    I would highly recommend The Music Studio. They get to learn to play the piano, read music, play the tambourine, as well as other instruments, sing, etc. And they make it fun for the kids. They have a great recital at the end too.

  2. Michelle

    J has been trying to convince Amelie to try soccer – and she seems interested, but we haven’t really committed to anything yet. She’s also a big fan of the gymnastics class, so we’ll probably keep her there. Ice skating does sound like fun though – maybe we’ll try that, too! Got a link for info on the skating?

  3. Michelle, we do skating lessons at Union, so the link for that is above in this post. But there are a bunch of different places–here’s a link to different rinks. We’ve also done the Schenectady County Rink, and we preferred Union. J’s wants to “take a break” from gymnastics for now.

    Wendy, thanks for the info. on the Music Studio. I’ve actually been struggling with them a little bit–I had a gift certificate for a free Music for the Young Class, and I registered, and then it got canceled, and now I want to just do the Fundamentals class, and of course they won’t let me apply the gift certificate and they haven’t set the fall schedule yet, so who knows if it will work out? But it’s good to know that it will perhaps be worth the rigmarole. Actually, since I just called them, maybe other people would like to know about the Open Houses coming up? They’re on 9/9 @ 7; 9/11 @ 9:30, 11:30, and 1; 9/12 @ 1; and 9/13 @ 7. You’re supposed to call to pre-register.

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