For the Athletically Ambitious

They’re starting a new event in Schenectady:  a Pedal Paddle Run on September 11th at Freedom Park.  The race itself begins at 8:30 am and adults and kids 10 and up can participate in teams, or ages 15 and up as individuals.  At noon there will be music and kids’ entertainment.

Personally, the idea of this screams out to me, because I like to run (in theory, if not always while I’m doing it) and I like to bike, but the third of the triathlon set–swimming–has always eluded me.

Now, don’t get me wrong:  I’m not a drowning hazard.  In fact, I can do some excellent dives off the diving board, even though I’m not actually allowed to do them these days because it would Humiliate My Children.  No, my problem with swimming is that I can’t coordinate the breathing with the swimming.  I can choose to swim or I can choose to breathe, but simultaneously?  Nope.

So, a canoe or kayak sounds like a welcome change of pace.  I even aspire to do a little bit more serious kayak or crew stuff sometime in my future, because I think that that might be a ticket to the Arms I’ve Always Deserved.  Maybe when the kids are able to watch themselves for a while without havoc or CPS reports.

Anyway, I’ll throw this onto the weekend listing when it’s coming up, but I wanted to give you some advance warning just in case you’re cool enough to participate in this.  Here are details on registration/teams. I have an easy out because it’s the the same time as the girls’ first soccer games of the season.  So, I can say, wow, I would totally do that, no problem, except that I have a conflict.  Alas.  Maybe we’ll make it for the bounce house.

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