Nature Walk

Do you ever experience a bad version of something, and it causes you to crave The Real Thing?  This happens to me frequently.  Say, I’ll eat a brownie at a party, and halfway into it I’ll realize that it’s a sub-par brownie, and within a week I am mixing up a batch at home.  M … [Read more…]

Lake Placid Outings: High Falls Gorge & Avalanche Adventures

My final Lake Placid report includes what I’d consider to be our least successful day.  For me, there’s a ratio that I have in my head regarding any outings.  Well, that’s not true:  I just thought of it.  But it’s informally lodged in my subconscious, I guess, and it goes something like this: Kid Enjoyment … [Read more…]

This Weekend

Okay, collecting events today made me a little wistful. . . summer programs are winding down.  Here’s what I’ve found: All Weekend: The Altamont Fair continues, but Sunday is the last day. The Wiz is playing on Friday and Saturday night at 7 pm at Freedom Park in Scotia. The Valleycats are playing baseball every … [Read more…]

Housekeeping and Hair

I’ve got two rather dull housekeeping/blog-keeping notes. First, I haven’t been using my categories much.  I’ve found that when I do, say, a weekly listing and mark off the many fabulous items that such a listing it includes, it’s way too much (Art! Nature! Books! Museums! Food!), and then it’s impossible to actually use the … [Read more…]

Adirondack Animal Land

After posting about Hoffman’s it occurred to me that another local classic is Adirondack Animal Land.  About 45 minutes away from the Capital District, it’s absolutely worth the trip. Adirondack Animal Land is a smallish zoo, but it’s perfect for a day trip:  just exactly manageable, in my opinion.  Just when my kids were about … [Read more…]

This Week

Here’s what’s going on this week: All Week: The Altamont Fair begins on the 17th and continues to the 22nd.  This is a big deal, and very fun. Most branches of the Albany Public Library are having an end-of-summer celebration either this week or next week. Monday, August 16th: It’s Western Day at the Children’s … [Read more…]


I keep forgetting to add it to the weekend post, but a friend recently took her young kids to the Double M Western Store Rodeo in Ballston Spa, and she said it was “a blast”.  It’s on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm until September 3rd. They’ve got pony rides, clowns, and barrel riding … [Read more…]

Weekend Post

Hey!  It’s almost Friday the 13th!  It’s supposed to be lucky if you were born on the 13th. . . which I was.  So, woo, hoo!  Of course, most people still go with spooky.  In fact, at the Saratoga Race Track, they’re encouraging kids to come in costume and parade and trick or treat.  Here … [Read more…]