Baby Shower Gift

My little sister and her husband are due to become parents sometime this month, so it’s been baby shower season in our family.  Which always reminds me of our very favorite shower gift ever:  a set of blocks that another sister made for us.  Look:

In the front stacks, the block to the left is a baby picture of cute W, and the block to the right is me with my (now pregnant) little sister.  The background blocks are my parents as youngsters.  It’s a bunch of blocks with all sorts of photographs of the baby’s family, mostly baby pictures, too. Right? Isn’t it a good idea? And unbelievably, super-thoughtful?  I have some excellent sisters, I tell ya.   My sister is a super-crafty artist, so she painted the cute little ice cream cone and kite and lollipop and queen and all.  But theoretically, someone who’s just somewhat crafty and super-ambitious could do a similar project, maybe using stencils and decoupaging pictures instead.

Or, if you weren’t super-ambitious, wouldn’t you want to buy something like it?  I’ve been bugging her to try to sell something on etsy or something like that.  I nagged her again when a blogger posted about another personalized block selling for $68.  Jeepers, based on that I think that she could ask for a great deal of money.  Although I’m not a shopper and I’m cheap, I can’t judge too well on this one.

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  1. Mary Ellen

    Aaaw, Katie you say the nicest things about those blocks I made for your daughter. I am glad you love them as much as I loved making them. Yes, you do bug me about selling them but only in the nicest way. xoxo M.E.

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