Carving the Pumpkin

Okay, I’ve updated the Big Ol’ List a bit, and then I ran into technical difficulties with my post, because cute W is not here to help me with those pictures.

So, instead, I’m sharing a few ridiculous pictures of me from a pumpkin carving session a few years back–they were actually taken in just this order, and I can remember pretty much exactly what I was thinking. . . .

Hooray! We're Carving Pumpkins! It's not my favorite thing, but I'm going to try to have a good attitude, because I'm all about the fun!

Eewwwww. . . this is so gross. There is so much glop. I don't love carving pumpkins. All of this gloppity glop and we've barely even started.

No! How can you possibly be asking me to do whatever it is that you're asking me to do? Don't you see that I'm pumpkined up to my elbows? I'm smiling one of those tense my-patience-is-wearing-thin smiles that my children now recognize all too well.

Meanwhile, J knows how to do autumn right. I SO want to switch places with her.


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