Miscellaneous Tuesday

In a startling coincidence, just about every little girl in J’s class was sporting a lovely and complicated updo today.  Including J, of course.  In fact, she looked so cute that I took a picture to share before sending them off to school.  Alas, when I took a second look at the camera I realized that the was too poor, even for my shockingly low standards.

Last night I made this Lentil Stew with Ham & Greens, and would you believe that everyone liked it?  Okay, okay, M picked through it a little bit for the “good parts”, but J actually lifted spoonfuls brimming with Swiss chard, onions, carrots, and lentils and put them into her mouth.  Then she asked for it in a thermos for school today.  I actually put in a bit more carrot & chard than the recipe stated, and I ended up adding an extra cup or two of broth because it needed some serious liquid.  It was pretty hamilicious,  so I’d be inclined to reduce the ham, except that I’m pretty sure that’s what had J so captivated.

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