I’m exhausted from having 8 little girls crafting and frolicking at my house, so I’m not going to provide you with a quality post tonight.

Instead, here’s a conversation that I overheard between M and her 3rd-grade girlfriend. One of their other friends had already left the party, and she’d forgotten to bring home her paper plate full of crafty creations. In fact, I’d missed the parent entirely in the chaos of getting people in and out the door, which seemed peculiar, because there’s usually some of that polite adult patter at pick-up time. Anyway, I continued to clear craft debris while the girls pondered how their friend could have possibly neglected to bring home her gorgeous items.

“Oh, I know what it was,” the friend said to M. “It was her dad who picked her up, and you know how when moms get the dads to do a job? They can do it, but they never really get it exactly right?”

“Yeah,” M agreed. “Her mom would have asked her if she needed to bring home any crafts.”


  1. Mari

    Hmmm. So true! Yet as usual he is in the other room playing dolls with her–having fun and making memories for her… while I am on the computer by myself trying to organize our lives. Wish we could switch—but then the crafts would ALWAYS be left behind. How much does it matter…?

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