Snowed In

We stayed in Vermont all day today because there was just Too. Much. Snow. to try to go home.

Here’s what I did instead of ever leaving the house:

  • Played a marathon game of Loaded Questions
  • Retold and heard stories of the courtship of the various family couples
  • With my sister, gave every girl aged 10 and under manis and pedis
  • Let J watch some Scooby Doo, then consoled her when she realized that she’d missed the sledding outing because she was so mesmerized by the tv that she didn’t hear the invitation
  • Ate cheese, cookies, tacos, macaroni & cheese, beef stew, and more cheese, as well as more cookies
  • Did a workout from You Are Your Own Gym, my sister and brother-in-law’s new favorite book (and in fact b.i.l. is ordering it for me right now, because he is Very Kind)
  • Let M play outside for what must have been 2 straight hours and only spent about 15 minutes of it actively fretting about frostbite
  • Listened to some records from a real turntable
  • Watched many other people play Kinect for Xbox without being the least bit tempted–I’m just not a video game girl
  • Drank about 5 glasses of wine
  • Allowed the girls to stay up way too late
  • Wrote a blog post, but just barely

Hope everyone else has enjoyed the snow day!

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