Playground Update

Did anyone else see the double rainbow tonight? Gorgeous!

Holy cow, people I just spent waaaaay too much time updating the playground list. If I had the technical know-how, I’m sure that I could make it more efficient, but as it is I have a convoluted system that includes steps with Google Documents, then Excel, then a Word mail merge, then uploading into WordPress. Along the way there are numerous false starts (for example, when I didn’t realize that I was working with April 2010 data for. . . a while. I don’t want to talk about it). To complicate matters, when folks were contributing for the circus giveaway, I received a couple of duplicates. I included everyone’s general comments (because that’s the best part) and did my best to create compromise information when it varied slightly (1 sunny all the time + 1 mix of sun and shade=mostly sunny), but occasionally people just gave totally different Information. I’d make my best guess (one person says there’s a stream, another doesn’t, but maybe they just don’t know about it?) or include both votes. So if things seem slightly different from what you put in, that’s why. If anyone thinks something’s totally wrong and off, please email me to let me know.

Anyway. . . . TA DA!  The new and improved Playground List has at least 35 fabulous playgrounds from around the Capital District! That is awesome! Thank you so much to everyone who’s shared information to create this list. I truly appreciate your help. I’m especially excited that we’re getting great geographic diversity these days, since early on it was all playgrounds that were already in my rotation, because it was just my most helpful friends and I participating. Please: if you visit a great playground, you can always share the information with us by filling out this survey.

Now, go have some fun!


  1. Meghan

    Hi Katie,

    One playground that you missed was up in Clifton Park! At the elementary schools on the main campus once school is out there are 4 playgrounds (one for each school) within walking distance! Parking in the lots, no bathrooms is the only downside 🙁

  2. Erin–oh, now that I think of it, we haven’t brought the girls to the Historical Society. And I don’t remember Coco Rocco even though it was close to us. . . maybe before our time?

    Meghan–that’s a good one. Any chance you can fill out a survey? Please? The lack of bathrooms is the one bummer about those school playgrounds. . . .

  3. Alex Dupuy

    Hi Katie,

    The link above to the list of local playgrounds takes me to a “404! Danger, Will Robinson!” page – did you accidentally delete it from the blog pages?

    I’m asking because I am trying to update the playground listings for the Capital District in the Kaboom! playspace finder at – if it’s okay with you, I would like to use the information from your list to add locations and other information to that site.

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