Camp Prep and Booty Shaking

I’m slacking on tonight’s post because I’m working on the updated Summer Camps list for tomorrow. It’s a bit of a project. If you’ve got information that I should know about a camp that you haven’t already sent me, please email me right away.

We had a good day today including a trip to dance with no tantrums from anyone. Toward the end of the day, M started to get a little bit smart-assy, but I tried a new technique of pretending complete obliviousness to anything rude that she did, which had the tremendously satisfying effect of amusing me while driving her crazy.

For example, at one point I was washing the dishes and reminding her to do something in that annoying mother-ish way of mine,  and she hopped onto the stairs so that her butt was roughly at my eye level and started shaking her butt at me. Nice. I pretended not to notice.

Finally she said, “Mom! Look!”

I said, “Oh yes, honey, I see you.”

“But look at my dupa!”

I answered, “Oh, are you showing me those new jeans that I bought you? They look really cute.”

She was clearly frustrated, “No! I’m shaking my dupa at you!”

I, meanwhile, was the queen of serenity:  “Yes, they fit really well! You’re welcome again.”

At which point she huffed out a huge pre-tween breath of exasperation and scampered up the stairs. Not a technique for every day, perhaps, but it was a refreshing change of pace.


  1. Congregation Ohav Shalom Nursery School has a preschool summer camp program that is perfect for the 5 and under crowd. There are 9 weeks of camp starting on June 13. Camp hours are 9:30-1:00 with wrap around child care from 8:00-4:00. For more information, people can contact Amie Bloom at 489-4894

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