Spinach in my Teeth and Other Food

Someone emailed me today asking about the Capital District Fun Facebook page. Turns out that my link (down on the left column) wasn’t working anymore. Anyway, I thought that I’d take this opportunity to ask all of you to please, please let me know if you click a link and it doesn’t work. It’s like I’ve got spinach in my teeth–you’d tell me, right? You wouldn’t let me walk around looking stupid, would you? I don’t mind so much if the links for time-sensitive stuff on old, old listings of events, but on any of my pages (which is the stuff over there on the right, like the Big Ol’ List of Links), I’d love to know if something’s not working. Email me, please, or comment.

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Last night we went out on a date for our anniversary. We went to New World Bistro Bar in Albany, and it was tasty. We managed to snag a spot on the patio, which was lucky because they were booked up when we called for reservations (admittedly, like, two hours before we wanted to go). The best surprise was that everyone was right and the “No Crash Brown Rice ‘Risotto'” was actually quite scrumptious. On my first visit to New World (with folks from All Over Albany), I asked someone what I should order, and that was the answer. Inside I was screaming: seriously, people, do you realize that I don’t get out much? Because I deserve something more decadent than anything which is  brown-rice-based could possibly be. So I asked someone else. Same answer. And again, and again. Then I ignored them and went with something else entirely (Thai Italian Love, also tasty). Last night I knew that I had to suck it up and try the brown rice thing. We ended up getting three main dishes, because we couldn’t decide and I was sulking about what I considered to be my moral obligation to try the brown rice. But it was yumalicious, and it turned out to be our favorite main dish.

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  1. becky

    hahah. i love your thought process about ordering the brown rice risotto dish! i laughed out loud!

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