Random Links and House Guests

We’ve had a surprisingly low-key weekend, which has been a delight for the whole family, really. This morning I once again blew off a girl scout activity (I seem to have a mental block somehow, perhaps related to the scary scout leader I had that year who chased me away from the organization), and the fact that M made it at all was only thanks to a mother who has learned through experience that I have incompetent calendar management skills and took pity on me and called me.

There was leaf-raking, which, as long as it’s not windy, is a satisfying and wholesome autumn activity. And a soccer game, in which M and her team were pummeled, but perhaps not pummeled quite as bloody as last week.

M has a friend spending the night, and M decided that the must-see movie for her friend was Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which, I’m sorry, but I see that as a parenting triumph. Even if it was a favorite of Cute W’s, not mine, I can’t help but feel pleased that instead of trying to push the envelope,  M’s going with a musical starring Angela Lansbury that came out years before PG-13 was even invented.

Poor J does not have a friend over, but she did spend some quality time with another house guest:

This guy’s crashing with us while his house gets flea-bombed. Did you hear that this year is one of the worst years that vets have seen for fleas? Fair warning.

Here are a few links I’ve gathered lately:

Check out this All Over Albany post about the LEGO® Building Challenge at the Albany Institute of History & Art. And guess what? I’m going to be judging for the Saturday afternoon session!

The Times Union’s Parent to Parent blog had a recent post on advice for cloth diapering.

And Nippertown reports that James Taylor’s going to be acting in The Colonial Theater’s A Christmas Carol.

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