Disney on Ice Giveaway

So, guess what? Disney On Ice is coming to the Times Union Center from December 7th to 11th with their show  Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey.

In Mickey & Minnie’s Magical Journey, the delightful mouse couple lead you on a journey through four Disney stories:  The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Peter Pan and Lilo & Stitch.  If you want to get an idea of what the show’s like, click on the link in this paragraph for a little video preview.

I’ve got two family 4-packs of tickets to give away! Both are for the 7 pm performance: one for Thursday, December 8th and one for the Friday, December 9th.

You can buy tickets at Ticketmaster.com, call  1-800-745-3000 or visit the Times Union Box Office.  Ticket prices are $12, $22, $40 for VIP, and $55 for Rinkside.

If you want to save some money (um, duh), more $12 tickets are available for opening night, and I’ve got a coupon code for the shows on Thursday, December 8 at 10:30 am and 7 pm and Saturday, December 10 at 7 pm. The code is MOM2011 to save $4 on the $22 or $12 tickets to these performances.

And if you want to enter to win a family 4-pack, here’s how:

1) Comment on this blog post. In order to count as an entry, you must include: a valid email address (it will auto-fill if you’ve commented before & it’s for my eyes only, don’t worry); whether you’d like to enter to win Thursday, Friday, or either night; and the answer to the question: if you could spend a morning ice skating with one of the characters from these four Disney stories, which character would you choose and why?

2) For those of you who are super-ambitious, if you have successfully followed the instructions above, you may enter the drawing a second time by going to the Capital District Fun Facebook page, “liking” it if you haven’t already, and sharing any link on the page (just click “Share” under the link), along with a comment that says something nice about the blog. Or me. Or both, even.

Some additional rules:

  • You may enter between now and Thursday, December 1st at 11:59 pm. The winners will be announced on Friday, December 2nd.
  • Quality of comments will not increase your chances of winning. I’m just counting y’all up and doing the randomizer However, other readers and I will appreciate high-quality comments!
  • You can only win one family 4-pack. I’ll do a drawing for Friday night first (including only Friday night/either entrants) and then for Thursday night (including only not-yet-winning Thursday night/either entrants).

Hooray for free stuff!

Update: Okay, you people are sort of killing me. No, no, it’s okay, but please:

  • Be sure that you include both the answer to the question and the night(s) that work for you in your comment, or you won’t be in the drawing. I’m sorry, but them’s the rules. If you look again and realize that you forgot, then yes, you may comment again and add what you forgot.  And of course your email still needs to be valid, too, but I won’t notice if it’s wrong until I pick you and then email you to tell you that you’re the winner and it bounces back and then you’re sad and someone else is happy.
  • If you’re going for that second entry, you’ve got to “Share” a link, not just “Like” it. When you like something, there’s a teensy little note about it that only your stalkers who pay slightly too much attention to your every move will notice. When you share something, you click “Share” and then there’s the opportunity to add your own comment (it says “Say Something” with a little box) and that’s where you say something nice in order for this to count as your second entry. Sharing makes a link that is more noticeable in your friends’ newsfeeds than the “Like,” which is why I asked you to share in the first place. Also because I was blatantly fishing for compliments. But whatever.

Honestly, at this point I’m like, jeez, this is why I never make irritating and complicated rules. I thought that these were relatively easy. But if I’m driving you crazy, can someone please appreciate the fact that I’m not asking you to follow links to the Disney on Ice website and answer a trivia question that can only be answered by watching the complete video? Because people do that stuff, you know. No, seriously: I’ve seen it. I didn’t ask you to Tweet, did I? You’re welcome.

And now I’m done with the updates, so you’re on your own. Good luck!



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  1. Priscilla Yera

    We would love to go either night. My princess Isabella and I would love to go and dance and skate with Princess Dudi( her pronunciation). She is my foster child and I am in the last stage of private adoption. She would love to see the show!!!!

  2. Angela

    If I could spend a morning skating with one of the characters, it would be Peter Pan. As a child, my parents took us to see Peter Pan at Proctors. I can vividly remember how amazing it was to see them really “flying” around the theater. I think the reason it is such a great memory for me is because I was one of 4 children and we did not get to do things like that often!!! We would love tickets for either night.

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