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The girls and I watched the red carpet a bit. Lots of pretty dresses. Their most common criticism was, as M put it, “Too boobish.”

For example, regarding Jennifer Lopez, M said, “The dress is pretty, but I’d like it better if she had an undershirt. . . Maybe a light blue undershirt, so she wasn’t so . . . exposed?”

Of course, over-dressing was not appreciated, either. Glenn Close was wearing a blazer sort of thing, and J immediately pounced, “I don’t like the coat.” But M defended her with: “Well, she’s an old lady, so for an old lady that’s pretty good.” Ugh. That’s a painful compliment.

Oh, oh, oh! It’s off-topic, but have I ever told you my worst compliments ever? There were three, but I can only remember two:

  • Once, when I was walking to the YMCA in Brooklyn, a random guy tried to hit on me with, “I need to lose some weight, too. Maybe we can work out together?” Umm, no.
  • Back in college, Cute W once said, “Your elbows feel just like my Grandma’s.”  Yeah, I pointed out his error. But clearly it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

Just a reminder: click on the day for a list of several items, and I pulled out a few extras here and there just as a sample.

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Hey, this Saturday, I’m going to be at Hannaford Kidz Expo 2012 at the Empire State Plaza with Deb and June from! Stop by and see us!



  1. Big Sister

    I have never heard the expression “Too boobish” before, but taking a look at WWD’s pix this morning, I think M. hit it right on the…nose. My favorite bad compliment came a couple of summers ago. I was walking in midtown Manhattan in a short little dress, just got my hair cut. Feelin’ frisky. A teenager on a bike whispers as he passes me from behind, “Not bad for an old lady.” Immediate deflation and regret about my choice of outfits.

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