Yummy Mini Donuts

Cute W specializes in tasty breakfast carbs, so we just had to impulse-buy the Mini Donut Maker that was at Target the week before his birthday.

Over the weekend, Cute W made our first donuts. He just used the basic recipe in the instruction manual. The donuts are so little that each one is just a tablespoon of batter.

They emerged cute and tasty:

For a basic glaze,  I tried this Food Network recipe (from Alton Brown, not that I know who he is since I don’t even have cable), and it didn’t work out too well. It had great reviews, but mine came out gritty, even though I started with powdered sugar. Maybe I wasn’t patient enough about stirring it slowly?

Whatever, man. I’ve got a life to live. I can’t stir all freaking day. I threw in some butter, which improved it, but not enough. Next time we’re going to try the Krispy Kreme recipe. I was going to link to an official recipe, but their website is acting funky. Here’s another one, though.

Cute W also bought Nutella to use as our chocolate frosting, and we had sprinkles, too. I know, I know: I was just talking about how I am such a Good Mother because I refuse to allow my children to eat sugar cereal for breakfast, and here I’m touting Nutella and sprinkles! What can I say? I’m a Woman Of Contradictions. . . .

Plain, chocolate-sprinkles, & gritty-glazed

The donuts were tasty and charming. The girls are already scheming to set up a Donut Stand on Niska-Day.

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