March Links & Other Links in Which Timing is Everything

J’s been hard at work designing a little bed-and-breakfast in case a leprechaun decides to visit our house. I don’t think it’s going to be happening. In fact, I ranted about this last year.

Did you realize that tomorrow’s Pi Day? 3/14, get it? Maybe you would like to do something Pi related? Or maybe just eat some pie? You can check out PInterest for some ideas (PInterest–get it? Huh? Get it?)

I have no real passion for basketball brackets, but Ask Moxie has a “Mothering Calamities” Tournament. Just reading through them is hilarious, but I’m sort of dying to see how the brackets play out, because there are some tough match-ups (ie., “Asked if you’re your baby’s grandmother vs. Baby pukes in your mouth” or “Stranger chastises you for baby’s lack of hat vs. Poopsplosion”). Go check it out. Voting begins on Thursday!

Jenn Mattern’s blog post today about her 10-year-old daughter felt eerily similar to how life is with M these days.

You saw this lovely time-lapse pregnancy video, right? They look like a very sweet little family. Except at the end I sort of felt like he was trying to French kiss her belly button, and I felt like I was intruding. But clearly they’re exaggerating for poetic effect. It’s just a difficult transition/edit, and by that time they were probably overtired. I barely got my boring paper birth announcements out, and that was only because I was helped by a kind stranger. So they rock.

Josalyn from Capital District Foodie Tots is spreading the word about their Meet-up group of families trying to get fresh, healthy meals on the table. They’re sharing resources and recipes with a focus on farmers’ markets, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, and kid-friendly healthy choices.




  1. June

    Pi day becomes a thing at school when the kids hit about 7th grade. We have special t-shirts and the kids get to eat pie. I make chicken pot pie (yes, I make it, not defrost it) for dinner and maybe a pie for dessert if I have the time/energy.
    I’ll bet you can’t wait until mol day in October. Do you know your mol mass?

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