A Scare

At dinner, we were laughing about some political remark one of the girls’ classmates made. M tried to explain that this child simply didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Oh, I know,” Cute W said. “Most kids your age don’t really follow politics. They just sort of parrot whatever their parents say.”

“Including you guys,” I put in.

“Well, yes, but I was trying to be diplomatic,” Cute W agreed.

Cute W was right. Insulted, M declared  “I follow politics!”

“No you don’t,” I answered.

“I do, I DO!” she insisted.

“Really? Then name someone Rick Santorum beat last night,” I answered.

She looked at me blankly. Then, determined, she leaped from her seat and rushed over to my computer.

Cute W and I looked at each other, chuckling. Sure, we’d proved our point, but we appreciate her determination to win the argument with a bit of research.

. . . And that’s when I realized. “Oh, my gosh! She’s Googling Santorum!” I yelped.

Cute W ran to her side to intervene before she found something inappropriate.

Our immediate horror, followed swiftly by red-faced, hysterical laughter, almost made both girls die of curiosity. It took us a few minutes to compose ourselves, but then we refused all inquiries and changed the subject to dessert.


FYI, it is now safe to Google Santorum. Apparently his recent success has improved his results. And if you missed why we were in a panic in the first place,  here’s an article with a quick explanation.


  1. Ken B.

    1. M DOES follow politics.
    2. Bummer about the Google returns from “Santorum.” I liked it better the old way.

  2. I guess we all just need to start selecting the “good” Santorum google to get it back on top. 🙂

    I am not excited about when my children figure out Google. Of course, at 1, E can already work my husband’s iPad to get to the Netflix app & choose a movie and if he could figure out how to work the controller, he wouldn’t need us to watch movies on the PS3.

  3. Becka

    I had missed this one and just about fell off the couch laughing! How awesome. I can honestly say my 9 and almost 6 year old don’t follow politics. BUT just tonight we passed one pizza place where my youngest said “hey is that where we talked about that big fight that our country has been in too long?” (Iraq and Afganistan) and then another restaurant where my oldest said “hey they changed the name of the place that you explained 911 to us Mommy!” – pizza and current events seems to be our theme! 🙂

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