Housekeeping and an Update

I don’t have a quality post for you tonight. Instead, I was doing some housekeeping. The cute little icons for Facebook and other social media had inexplicably vanished from my blog, so I put in a new plug-in. It was very, very easy to do, but I’m concerned that its floating-ness might be too annoying. Cute W says it’s fine.  At least it doesn’t flash. If nothing else, Capital District Fun will always be a safe haven from those irritating animated shrinking women: “From Size 14. . . to Size 8!” Ugh, I hate those.

I also moved my links over from the left-hand column over to the right instead. I wanted to make sure that everyone could find the playground list, but then I got a little link-happy and added links galore, too.  Although I’m wondering, now, if I should move the Search box to the top? Does anyone ever search? The searching is unwieldy at best, and that’s coming from the gal who can remember direct quotations often.

Oh, and speaking of the KOAA links,‘s own Debra Ross will be on WNYT NewsChannel 13 Live at Noon tomorrow (Tuesday). She was also just on PBS, and that’s at the top of the Youtube channel at the little link if you hit the brand new floaty Youtube icon over to the right. Because sorry, people: I don’t have a Youtube channel. I know that this is heartbreaking for you all, but you’ll just have to get over it.

– – – – – -  –

Remember the Hunger Games issue? After blowing through two books that were clearly too easy for her and ignoring several other books that are both age- and reading level-appropriate, M picked up The Hunger Games. In fact, she started reading it the night before I’d planned to just go by myself while the girls were in school. . . and so then I had to put it off again. She finished it on Saturday, but we’re waiting to go see it with Kelly (commenter #1 on that previous post) and her daughter when she finishes it. Incidentally,  M powered through all of those Harry Potters and never cried once, not for ______, or _________, or even for __________, for crying out loud. But the night I tucked her in after ___ died–you know, the scene with the singing?–she was full-on sobbing. Which was lovely, I thought. I like a little sobbing over a book sometimes.

She’s partway through the second one now.



  1. Oh, don’t worry, Jahnavi. It’s staying. I’m just wondering if I should pop it up higher now—it got pushed down when I moved the links over. Never mind: I’m just doing it now so you’ll see.

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