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Hey! Happy Friday the 13th! I consider this day especially lucky for me. At some point in elementary school, I read that it’s lucky for anyone born on the 13th of a month Here’s a big pile of links for you.

The Power of Moms has a post called Your Children Want YOU! which made me feel much better about how very little I accomplished this week.

All Over Albany reports that there’s an Egg Hunt for Grown-ups in Troy’s Prospect Park this Saturday.

I am loving Jezebel these days. Specifically, I award them the Best Post Titles in My Entire Google Reader Award. I was forced to invent this award due to their awesome post titles, like: Teacher Fired for Being Pregnant Wants Public to Know She’s Not Like Those Other Whorish Single Mothers. . . Meet the Rising Republican Star Who Would Love to Punch Hillary Clinton in the Face. . . Pageant Moms Resolve Feud, Are Still Terrible Parents. . . Why Marie Curie is Awesome, Now With Finger Puppets. . . Men Are Getting Bikini Waxes. Our Work Here is Done.  That’s pure entertainment, baby!

On Thursday, April 19th at 6:30 pm, there’s a Screening of “Miss Representation” at Union College. I’m super-excited that I’m finally going to get to see it, especially since I just recently missed it for what turned out to be no good reason. Here’s the trailer if you’re trying to decide whether or not to go.

Look at this awesome New York Camping Guide 2012! Thanks to Cute W for sending me the link.

Speaking of parks, did you know that Saturday, April 21st to Sunday, April 29th is National Parks Week, with free access to national parks? Yeah, I didn’t, either, until I read it on the New York History blog. Find a park to visit here.

More calendar stuff! April is National Poetry Month! Learn more at Scholastic or Poetry Foundation or Poetry 180: A Poem A Day for American High Schools or that post I did recently. April is also Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month? Learn more over at Ask Moxie. No, I am not even kidding. Really, every month is extra special in many ways: here’s a huge list of all that makes April oh-so-special. Besides the showers, of course.

Meanwhile, Keep Albany Boring reports that the Albany Bicycle Coalition is already looking forward to May, aka National Bike Month, with plenty of events.


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