Tulip Alert, Suspense, & Links

Hey! In case you haven’t already subscribed to the newsletter, I wanted to make sure to let you know that the tulips are out already!

So if you want to get in a photo op, you’d better get on that! Personally, I can’t get enough of kids and flowers. I’m especially a sucker for the  Sincere Sniff Shot.

Okay, I’ve sent emails to the Circus Giveaway Winners, but the final test is always whether the winners have typed their emails correctly so that I can properly notify them. So far, I’ve only confirmed one person, so I’m putting the announcement on hold until I hear from the second winner and/or give up on hearing from her and choose someone else. Check your in-boxes, people!

Meanwhile, of interest on the interwebs. . . .

Have you all seen this Pregnant Chicken post on Happily After Giving Birth: 10 Things They Don’t Tell You? It’s funny but also potentially Too Much Information for some of you. This reminded me of some of my own most glorious post-birth adventures, which I might tell you at a later date. If so, then that, too, will begin with a TMI warning.

The TU’s Muslim Women blog shared information about a Multi-Cultural Bridal and Event Expo that’s happening tomorrow. I know it’s not a kid event, exactly, but I think that my girls would love to see all different kinds of wedding traditions. What an interesting way to learn first-hand about different cultures and traditions, right?  Plus it’s free. I’m bummed that we can’t make it, but M and I have a mother-daughter camping trip that begins tomorrow morning and continues overnight.

Yum Universe is doing a Kale Recipe Contest. Entries include  spreads, main dishes and an ice cream. Could somebody please try all of these recipes and then report back to me?

Melissa from Pigtail Pals shared this collection of gorgeous and clever photographs that a dad shot of his two daughters.


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