Blueberry Alert! Act Now!

I heard from a friend via Facebook that the Country Garden on Consaul Road in Niskayuna is going to be plowed under tomorrow for a new development. That means that all the glorious blueberries and blueberry bushes will be plowed under, too, unless someone claims them. I happened to read this update while I already had dirt under my fingernails from gardening, so I hopped into the car to check it out.

I was worried about feeling like a scavenger criminal type, but there was plenty of good company there, including my friend’s husband, who helped me to shovel.

And there were plenty of glorious, gorgeous blueberries.

I picked a bunch.

This made me pretty sad that the family’s gone, because Cute W in particular loves blueberries. We would have really enjoyed picking together. On the other hand, my sensible husband might have balked at digging up bushes that we have for which we have no obvious space in the yard. With him absent, I convinced myself that he’d be happy to have them once they were already planted. So here’s my haul:

There are still a few more hours of daylight left, and plenty of blueberries. So get going! Like, now!


  1. Lisa

    My parents live right in front of that orchard….I planted 2 blueberry bushes in my backyard last weekend. 🙂

  2. Jamie

    Oh no! Please don’t tell me I’m too late! I’ve seen the building down for a while, but was hoping they were just remodeling 😉 Do you know if the bushes will still be there tonight?

  3. @Jamie, I don’t know if they’re still there or not. As of 6 pm last night there were still a bunch of bushes, but the rumor I heard was that construction was starting today. I don’t know if they’ve started or not.

  4. @Matt, Sorry, I somehow missed your comment earlier. It’s 3712 Consaul Road in Niskayuna–the garden center is already gone and it just looks like a construction site now. If you enter on the left and drive up the dirt road, you’ll see blueberry bushes ahead and to the right and a relatively new development to your left. I have no idea what’s still there at this point.

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