Not Stellar at Our House

We started the day with a wardrobe issue. J was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts, and I insisted that she at least take along some long pants. I was afraid that they wouldn’t let her out at recess. Also, that someone would call CPS regarding her lack of clothing. She stomped out of the house with jeans shoved deep in her bag. They never got pulled out of the bag.

I ended up grocery shopping at three different stores. I hate that.

I spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to re-assemble Barbie playsets in order to sell them on Craig’s List. It seemed like everything I had was missing one piece.

I thought that I could multi-task, so I started Step 1 on our dinner soup while I struggled with Barbie and her many accessories (I believe that I had four different Barbie toilets, including one in which the plastic disc representing water could flip between blue and murky yellow with a black polka dot. Eeewww). This was a bad move. I was so involved with my on-the-driveway photoshoot that I completely forgot the bacon. I walked back into the house and slowly realized. . .  it was dusky. . .  and smelly? . . . . and noisy. . . . what’s that beeping? . . . Wait, that’s smoke. And by that time I was practically falling into the stock pot with half a pound of charred bacon in in. Awesome.

J was practicing piano at Mary’s house. It was our first time starting up again–we like to practice there once a week because she has a beautiful grand piano and we just have a little keyboard. As she played I looked up from my magazine and vaguely noticed that she had a little pencil, like a mini-golf pencil. This seemed unnecessary, but it barely registered. And then she managed to drop the pencil into the interior of the grand piano.

It was a long day. Also, I have a cold and I’m generally cranky. So that’s all I’ve got for this evening.


  1. June

    Just one of those days, I guess. Can you volunteer to come over and sort a million legos so that I can sell them on ebay? You sort, I’ll cook and then we’ll get money and unburned dinner. Because I would also probably have burned the bacon. I mean, um, I have done. More than once.

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