How to Train Your Dragon, Mary Poppins, Disney on Ice, Troy Chowderfest, Thacher Fall Festival, Miller’s Harvest Festival, and More This Weekend!

Hey! Another 3-day weekend again already, huh?

Guess which of the following I actually did today:

A) Knocked into a railing and ripped my jeans on a previously undiscovered protruding nail.

B) Closed the refrigerator on the egg carton, breaking an egg.

C) Slammed down a window only to realize that an open bottle of glue was nestled between the glass and the sill.

D) Snapped at my 8-year-old even though she was not misbehaving in any way.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! If you chose E, all of the above, you are a winner. Your gift is a list of wonderful things that you can do this weekend. Ready? As always, click on the day itself for a more complete listing.

All Weekend/Multiple Days:

Friday, October 5

Saturday, October 6

Sunday, October 7

Monday, October 8

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