Soccer Drama

As I tuck her into bed Friday night, J asks, “Mom, can I please not go to the soccer game tomorrow?” I understand where J’s coming from, here. Monday to Friday is school, Sunday is church, and Saturdays, J is dragged along to M’s 8:30 am soccer game. Tomorrow it’s likely to be worse than … [Read more…]

Friday Night Links

One of our favorites these days on the Netflix Instant Queue is Friday Night Lights. Yeah, I know: you watched it years ago. We missed it. And then, we heard people say that it was really good, and so we tried a random episode at some point and it just didn’t click. But then we … [Read more…]

Not Stellar at Our House

We started the day with a wardrobe issue. J was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts, and I insisted that she at least take along some long pants. I was afraid that they wouldn’t let her out at recess. Also, that someone would call CPS regarding her lack of clothing. She … [Read more…]

Another Wild Friday Night

Tonight was the Fall Frolic at the girls’ school. Basically a casual field day with a table full of cider donuts and water. I got sucked into helping with the Sack Races. When I arrived, friends were manning the spin-around-with-your-forehead-on-a-bat-and-then-run station. No one was interested. I wasn’t either. I’d just eaten Chipotle, and I’m sure … [Read more…]

Current Events

One of M’s homework assignments this week was to read an issue of Time for Kids and answer some comprehension questions. The issue focused on the political conventions, which I thought was a great idea. But then I looked at it, and it was pretty uninformative. I thought that they might have a little chart … [Read more…]

Indian Ladder Trail at Thacher

It’s embarrassing to admit it, but even though we’ve camped at Thompson’s Lake and visited the friendly and wonderful Thacher Nature Center and hiked and even snowshoed around Thacher Park, somehow I’d managed to miss everyone’s favorite trail, the Indian Ladder Trail. I had to laugh when a guest poster this summer reminded all of … [Read more…]

Saturday Fun

We had an excellent Saturday. We started with an early-morning soccer game, with M playing and Cute W coaching. The kids played well and won, so there record is now 2-0. Whoop, whoop. Later in the morning we headed out to pick apples. We decided to orchard-hop, heading to Lindsey’s for ladder-climbing fun and not … [Read more…]

My Trader Joe’s Report

Earlier this week I paid my first-ever visit to Trader Joe’s. I’d heard quite a bit of gushing over Trader Joe’s, and I’d also heard that they’ve got plenty of yummy mostly-already-prepared products. That was excellent for this week, since Cute W was traveling. First, I got lost, because my GPS told me that it … [Read more…]