Too Tired To Post

I spent the day running around like a maniac, doing errands. Among other things, I was getting ready for doing another NewsChannel 13 Live at Noon spot on Friday. I’m talking about Mother’s Day activities, both craftiness and stuff to do. Not to spoil it or anything, but part of what I did today was write this article about it  (someone who read it gave the article a very appropriate alternate title: “Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make That Don’t Look Like Crap”). And also I decoupaged a vase for it. And supervised J through decoupaging.  And also I picked up a freakishly adorable fairy garden from Kulak’s Nursery, and then I managed to knock it over as I pulled out of their driveway, and then I had a small panic attack and I fumbled through putting it back together and the damn thing is still gorgeous, so it is idiot-proof.

So, I’ve been busy, and I’m not up for a post. But, come to think of it, I meant to tell you that I wrote more about our visit to Savannah, with this article about where to go to eat and this little overview of places to go with kids. I meant to say, actually, that we saw Joy Kills Sorrow as part of the Savannah Music Festival while we were there. We all really loved it. In fact, just the other day, J said, “I thought it would be boring, but I thought it was awesome.”


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