Hiking at Christman Sanctuary

Weekend before last the girls lobbied hard for a Father’s Day hike. They disagreed about exactly where to go, so I set them up in front of my list of family friendly hikes to come to an agreement, and they settled on Christman Sanctuary. We arrived and it was muddy. Unbelievably, might-get-your-shoes-sucked-off, smells-like-a-dank-bog muddy. Experienced … [Read more…]

Last Day of School

Our last day of school was wonderful. J will have the teacher we’d hoped she’d have for next year, and she and her three friends enjoyed their mini-party, for which J had made posters and blown up balloons. The girls continued an elaborate imaginary game that has dominated recess all year, played dress-up, and frolicked … [Read more…]

Overindulgent Breakfast Carbs

Cute W loves cinnamon rolls. We’ve always made the pre-packaged kind, which I don’t love. It leaves that gross-tastic coating of fake on my tongue. So for Father’s Day I decided to try to go homemade with this recipe from allrecipes.com. Oh, they were delicious. And not too hard to make. I followed a reviewer’s … [Read more…]

Thank Yous

I spent much of the other day grumpy. But it’s tough to stay grumpy when you receive a bunch of personalized thank-you notes for volunteering from elementary school kids. My favorite volunteer job is helping in the library. I coordinate the other volunteers, too, and when I’m recruiting I always say that it’s like going … [Read more…]

Last Night

Yesterday was crazy. I have been officially freaking out about the local school budget re-vote. Please don’t tell me not to freak out. That is impossible. A few of us parents started talking about getting together to try to get out “yes” votes, and then they had a meeting that I missed, which is when … [Read more…]

I am a Butter Expert

Last night at dinner we started talking about making butter. I don’t know why. I think J started it by asking, “What’s butter made of?” Milk, Cute W and I answered. You just churn the butter and the fat in the milk sort of clots together to form butter. Maybe that’s what I said, because … [Read more…]

This Week

This weekend whizzed by and wasn’t nearly restful enough for me, don’t know about you folks. Do you have your summer planned yet? Me neither, but here’s a big list of camps (I like the week-by-week listing better, myself). Hey, did you know that now there’s a new women’s elite soccer league? I’m sure we’ll … [Read more…]