Last Day of School

Our last day of school was wonderful. J will have the teacher we’d hoped she’d have for next year, and she and her three friends enjoyed their mini-party, for which J had made posters and blown up balloons.


The girls continued an elaborate imaginary game that has dominated recess all year, played dress-up, and frolicked under the sprinkler. The only damper was that three of the four girls will all be in the same class together, while J’s BFF L is going to another class. Today I asked J, “So, how was L? Did she seem really upset about it?” J leaned forward and said, “Well, the truth is. . .” and the low, earnest tone made me perk up for interesting information. “. . . all of us were really upset about it.” Bummer. Oh, and the other damper was when the ice cream truck came by and I stoutly refused to buy them anything, since they had finished eating make-your-own ice cream sundaes literally minutes before the canned music sounded on our block. All four of them thought that I was being completely unreasonable.

M had a great time gallivanting with her friends, and she arrived home to join us for more neighborhood celebrations: an open house for a high school graduate and a last-day-of-school bonfire. That was delightful, with a bunch of people we like on both ends of our block, and I ended up going back and forth a few times, showing off the new bathroom along the way.

We ended up all staying out way too late, and then when we arrived home well after 11 pm, both girls really wanted to examine their report cards. I’d already peeked at J’s, but I was curious, too, so we took turns checking out the grades and test scores while I chugged water to avoid a hangover (surprisingly enough, it worked). All in all, I believe we enjoyed the Best Last Day of School Ever.

So our first day of vacation has been a rest-and-recover day for 3 out of 4 of us. M’s spent the entire day at Great Escape with friends. Over dinner tonight, J remarked, “I bet M’s going to sleep all day tomorrow!” And I joked that I sure hoped so, because if she doesn’t she’s going to be very crabby.




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