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I spent most of the day socializing and playing outside. Tennis in the morning, lots of phone calls, and then much of our after school time at the playground. I was pretty much completely unproductive. Like, two business calls and some raking in the yard, dishes. That’s about it. But I’m all caught up with some friends and relatives, so that’s good, yes?

The bathroom is still a work in progress. Walls are done and being painted, roof has been put in so that the carpenter ants won’t come back to live with us, and the tile in the shower is set. It’s lookin’ good, baby! Pictures soon. Tomorrow J’s got a gymnastics meet and M’s got a soccer tournament, so we’ll be busy. I’ve got another list of links for you.

Here’s a bunch of photos of what a week of groceries looks like around the world. So interesting!

Here’s a story about a high school girl who won a coding competition by creating a way to avoid spoilers on Twitter. She was only female to present her idea in the competition among about 80 guys, many of them professionals.

Sophie would like to make strong the new skinny. I’m in.

My Grinnell College alumni magazine talked about the blog Pile of Babies. And it is very funny.

Christine Grossloh wonders if American parents have got it all backwards. It’s not a rhetorical question and alas, the answer is yes.

A friend has a kid competing in Future Problem Solving Program International. I’d never heard of it, but it sounds super-cool.

If you, like me, have been intermittently uneasy and fretful ever since Allie from Hyperbole and a Half posted about her struggle with depression and then pretty much dropped out of the internet for a year and a half, you’ll be glad to know that she’s finally posting again. She is more wonderful than ever, trying to explain depression to those of us who are lucky enough not to suffer from it.

Kid President has a message for moms everywhere:


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