My New Jewelry Tree

We’d already started on the bathroom remodel project when Cute W said his mom needed ideas for a Mother’s Day gift for me. I immediately thought of my soon-to-be counter space that would come with my little window seat. After all, how much sitting around would I actually want to do in the bathroom? (I thought that the answer was hardly any, but now that I see it, we’ve been joking that we might start having parties in the bathroom. “People can bring their swimsuits and you can give them margaritas and beer in the shower,” M suggested. She’s a clever girl).

Anyway, all that impending nice free space just made me want to accessorize. And besides, I’d already asked for a jewelry tree for Christmas because my necklaces keep getting tangled. I have a lovely wooden jewelry box that Cute W gave me years ago, but there’s not quite enough space. And it doesn’t help that J is constantly begging to paw through it so that she can see everything.

I explored a bit and ended up requesting a metal jewelry tree made by Serendipity Metal Art and sold on Etsy. It arrived recently and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, this photo doesn’t do it justice because of my poor photography skills. It’s a bit of a silhouette here, and in person, it’s a gorgeous copper color. In fact, you can click the link to see the color better on the site (you can also go for silver-toned instead).


One of the features that I’d liked when I’d read the description was that you can gently bend the limbs to make the flat tree a bit more three-dimensional. But when it arrived looking so beautiful, I was a afraid to mess with it. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing. But really, if you want to use a bunch of different limbs, the only practical thing to do is to bend them a bit, because otherwise everything would be overlapping. So I held my breath and started shifting things. Again, the photograph doesn’t do it justice, but once I started moving little branches forward and backwards, it just started looking better. Plus, it was fun, because I got to feel like I was being crafty and creative without any skills or talent whatsoever. Love that! So here it is with shifted limbs and a bunch of my jewelry hanging off of it.


Pretty, right? Plus, I don’t exactly wear a ton of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the stuff I have. So now I can enjoy it every day instead of having it all stuffed in my jewelry box, which is plenty full with earrings and other jewelry that I don’t want to get rid of but which didn’t make the “display” cut. And it will look lovely in my new bathroom!


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